Workforce Development

If you need to find employment, want a better job or desire long-term career opportunities, you’ve come to the right place. Make an appointment with one of our Development Specialists who will assess where you are in terms of your education, what type of job you are interested in and what skills you may need to sharpen before going on a job interview. What are your key skill sets? What do you love to do?We will work with you to develop a plan, set goals and help you achieve them. Think of us as your career counselors. We believe in you.

Visit or call the Workforce Development Office
1849 Prospect Avenue, Suite 200
Open M – F, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
(216) 651-5188 or email:


Workforce Development Workshops

* Please note: you must make an appointment with a Job Development Specialist to enroll in any of these workshops.

Job Readiness

The Job Readiness workshop covers such topics as human relations in the workplace, interviewing skills and resume and cover letter writing.  The sessions conclude with each student engaging in a mock interview with their Job Readiness Specialist, preparing them to meet with future employers.

Customer Service Certification

The Customer Service Training Program teaches industry-proven customer service skills needed to be an International Customers Service Representative.  Our curriculum offers an interactive instruction that gets you ready for the real work experience.  The course consists of six online modules and classroom lectures led by certified instructors.

Job Placement Assistance

* Please note Job Placement Assistance is only available to customers who have met with a Development Specialist.

Greater Cleveland  is fortunate to be experiencing a renaissance with new and expanding industries from health care to hotel and hospitality to manufacturing and shipping. There are jobs out in the workforce, it’s a matter of matching potential job candidates with available jobs.

The Council for Economic Opportunities Job Placement Coaches will work with you in one-on-one sessions to teach how to look for the right job. 

Click here for a list of current job openings.