CEOGC offers Cuyahoga residents three coordinated workforce development program services in its training center located at 1849 Prospect Avenue, Suite 200 in downtown Cleveland.


Certified Computer-Based Customer Service Training (CST)

This six week course enrolls Cuyahoga residents throughout the year.  Those enrolled in this program will be introduced to computer keyboarding, using printers, the use of the office production software Microsoft™ Word, Excel, and Publisher while learning job readiness skills and how to provide high quality customer service in today’s technology-driven society.  

Effective October 2012, those who complete the certification process for the program will be monitored while studying and testing for Customer Service certification from the International Customer Service Association (ICSA).  

CEOGC will provide all of the workbooks and printed materials and pay all test fees for residents enrolled in this program who have been determined income eligible by a Family Development Specialist.

Participants in this program will also benefit from sessions on financial and digital literacy.

The ISCA training and certification service will be available for a fee to local employers who request to enroll their current employees.  All fees earned by this program are used to expand the services of the program.

Certification Instructors:

Audrey Taylor, M. Ed., ICSA Adult Education Instructor -

Cathy Cherney, B.S.E. ICSA Adult Education Instructor –



Job Readiness

In addition to the inclusion of job readiness sessions as a part of CST, the workforce development program has regularly scheduled 3-day job readiness workshops for Cuyahoga residents seeking to assess their job skills, improve and prepare a competitive resume, and learn to properly apply and interview for a job. Residents who attend these workshops will be provided with an electronic copy of their updated resumes on mobile computer drives to print them as needed at home, in CEOGC workforce development resource room or at any location (public or private) that provides services for printing documents from mobile computer drives.

Before completing the 3-day job readiness workshop, residents will have an opportunity to view various video modules for instruction on the proper way to prepare and interview for a job.  Mock (practice) interviews and critique by specialists is also included as a part of the workshop sessions.

Residents completing the workshops are referred to the CEOGC job placement program to begin their job search.

For more information contact: 

Cheria Benn, B.A., Job Readiness Specialist –

Iris Edmonds, B.A., Job Readiness Specialist –


Job Placement

Unemployed and underemployed Cuyahoga residents who enroll in the CEOGC customer service training classes or job readiness workshops are automatically referred to an employment specialist for a face-to-face counseling session and offered an opportunity to enroll in job club (a networking club of the job placement program) to begin their job search.  The employment placement program compiles job offerings from local employers on a weekly basis and posts them in the training center and distributes them widely to other organizations and local governments to assist residents in finding employment.  

The job placement services are open to any resident who completes an intake and assessment with a family development specialist (enrollment in job readiness first is recommended), and all persons in job club have access to the CEOGC workforce development resource room and classroom computers for their job search on Internet sites, including but not limited to, CEOGC’s website and Ohio Means Jobs.


Interview with Employers at the Training Center!

The CEOGC Workforce Development Program invites local employers to hold informational and interview sessions in the WDP training center to inform program participants and identify and consider qualified job applicants.  The WDP training center is located at 1849 Prospect Avenue, Suite 200 in downtown Cleveland. Employers should contact an employment specialist if interested in scheduling a session.

CEOGC is a Workforce Investment Program partner and helps to fund and staff the local Employment Connection (EC) Center in downtown Cleveland and on Brookpark Road.  Residents enrolled in the WDP are able to access any of CEOGC’s programs or be referred to other community agencies and organizations by their assigned family development specialist.

To enroll in a WDP program contact a Family Development Specialist at (216) 357-2621 or call the CEOGC Workforce Development Program at (216) 651-5188.

To request job listings or to post a job contact:

Shirley Moret, Employment Specialist -

Frank DeSantis, Employment Specialist –

Linda Irizarry, Employment Specialist –




For more information about training and the program contact:

Creola Rice, M. Ed, Workforce Development Program Manager –