Ohio Vocation, Education, Training and Services Project (V.E.T.S.)

VETS Program

CEOGC will provide services to veterans seeking employment by offering a special curriculum introducing them to the use of computers, preparing them to apply for jobs, teaching them how to search for jobs and how to take advantage of special local and federal government opportunities.  The pilot project will operate in coordination with the services provided by the Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission (CCVSC) and the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) of the Volunteers of America of Greater Cleveland.  CEOGC works with the professionals at the coordinating agencies to maximize the opportunities for the program participants.

CEOGC will also provide emergency assistance for such items as food and shelter/housing, clothing, work tools, and transportation after the veterans have exhausted their CCVSC and/or HVRP eligibility for these items.  The primary focus for the CEOGC pilot project is to get jobs for veterans or help them to enroll in higher education by removing any barriers that are not being addressed by other public or private entities.  

Vets Graduates

Although a pilot project, beginning in late summer in 2012 and scheduled to end on July 31, 2013, CEOGC plans to continue this service as a new component of its community service programs.  Laptop computers may not be available once the pilot project ends.

To enroll in this program, Veterans can call or email a Case Manager from the Central Neighborhood Opportunity Center at 1849 Prospect Avenue, Suite 200, (216) 357-2621.