CEOGC will give refurbished home computers to families with children in grades 6 through 8 living in the household.   The computers are pre-loaded with Windows™ operating systems, office production software, and academic software.

To apply for this program a parent must contact a case manager at the Central Neighborhood Opportunity Center to request an appointment to complete the eligibility process and be willing to attend a 4 hour orientation (with their child -scheduled on one Saturday each month) before receiving the computer.  Parents must also be willing to provide on-going feedback to their assigned case manager to document their child academic performance and school attendance after the computer has been in use in their home.

CEOGC will stress digital literacy to encourage parents to assure that the youth are safe when using the Internet and to assure that the parents monitor the child’s use to influence them to spend time on academics rather than Facebook™ or other social or game sites.

To apply for Digital Connection computers call or email a case manager at one of the Neighborhood Opportunity Centers:

Central NOC at (216) 357-2621
Glenville NOC at (216) 268-1600 Southeast NOC at (216) 858-1781

To donate usable computers contact Ronald Tuner, Computer Technician at