CEOGC Head Start

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CEOGC's Head Start program serves over 3,000 children annually throughout the Greater Cleveland community. In partnership, CEOGC and its partners deliver high-quality early childhood education programs in safe, nurturing environments. In addition to an engaging pre-school environment, CEOGC Head Start provides health, mental health and dental screenings, nutritious meals and family literacy opportunities to incorporate the entire family into the spirit of growth and responsibility.

Parental input and involvement in the Head Start program is vital to the growth and development of the program and the children who participate in it. In addition to participating in classroom activities, parents are encouraged to voice their opinions and shape the program through Parent Committee's at each Head Start Center. Select parents serve on a CEOGC Policy Council that includes representatives from CEOGC and it's partners. The CEOGC Policy Council has a distinct voice in the operation and governance of CEOGC's Head Start program.

The childcare industry buzzword for the past several years has been collaboration. In order to provide the highest quality childcare to the most children in need, CEOGC has engaged in community partnerships with numerous private day care centers as well as the East Cleveland public schools. These collaborations extend Head Start services to eligible children in these innovative settings in locations throughout Cuyahoga County.

Head Start

Ohio Subsidized Childcare Program

CEOGC also welcomes Ohio Subsidized Childcare families into the CEOGC Head Start Program.  


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