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Open a door to a remarkable future for your child.  Early childhood learning is an important first step in laying an educational foundation for a young person’s success in school and life.  Watching a young child walk into a classroom and be greeted by a teacher and other students is an exciting experience: it’s witnessing their first step into a world of learning that will be within their reach throughout the rest of their lives. 

Open the door to Head Start - your child’s first step in to a world of learning - today! Call our enrollment hotline at (216) 589-9922 or fill out a web enrollment form (use button below). 

What is Head Start? 

Head Start is a federally-funded program that provides preschool (3 – 5 year olds) education and ensures that both children and parents are prepared for kindergarten and for a life of learning. Through either direct service or referrals, Head Start children also receive numerous health services ensuring good physical, dental, nutritional, and mental health. 

  • Education: to provide a variety of learning experiences to help children grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. 
  • Health: to provide health services such as immunizations, dental, medical, and mental health, and nutritional services, and early identification of health problems. 
  • Parent Involvement: to involve parents in the planning and implementation of activities. Parents can serve on policy councils and committees that make administrative decisions; participate in classes and workshops on child development; and volunteer in the program. 
  • Social Services: to provide outreach to families to determine what services they need.


Head Start  

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