The City of Cleveland and some of its surrounding suburbs continue to have higher than normal rates of high-risk pregnancies.  CEOGC has been providing some support for pregnant mothers in Cuyahoga County for several years to help them to address some of the underlying social and economic problems that may result in their babies being still born or born with other problems (i.e. low birth weight, breathing problems, etc.)

In addition to workshops and education on nutrition, well-baby care, information about the dangers of smoking, and alcohol and drug use, and other related subjects, the BAMS program can provide emergency assistance for mothers for the purchase of clothing, food, and for other emergent needs to assure their probable delivery of a healthy baby.

An expectant mother must complete a determination of eligibility with a family development specialist, which includes both a needs assessment and risk assessment before she is accepted in the program.

To apply for enrollment in BAMS or to make a donation for the annual baby shower call one of CEOGC’s Neighborhood Opportunity Centers:


1849 Prospect Avenue, Suite 200
(216) 357-2621
Sandra Cruz Del-Moral, Family Development Specialist (ext. 511) 

Delores Redding, Family Development Specialist (ext. 608) 


540 East 105th Street, Suite 210
(216) 268-1600
Bennie Swanigan, Family Development Specialist (ext. 502)


20700 Southgate Park Blvd., Maple Heights
(216) 858-1781

Jessica Mallett, Family Development Specialist (ext. 621) 

Kimberly Marshall, Family Development Specialist (ext. 509) or

Narketah Wright Family Development Specialist (ext. 507)