CEOGC News: Celebrating Parents at the 2012 CWPC Awards Dinner

Posted: Mon, Nov 19, 2012

On Friday, November 16th, the CEOGC Head Start program honored the dedicated parents who served on the County-Wide Policy Council for the 2011 - 2012 school year.  These parents generously gave of their time and expertise to work with CEOGC Head Start staff to shepherd the program this past year. 

2012 CWPC Awards Dinner

CEOGC would like to thank the following parents for their commitment and support of the Head Start program in 2011 - 2012.


Takiyah Willams - Assistant Secretary (Catholic Charities)

Tiombe Morrow Cheeks - National Representative (Catholic Charities)

Dion Barksdale (Centers for Families and Children)

Cinciarae Taylor (Centers for Families and Children)

Tracie Shelton (Community United)

Chaneka Balford - Vice Chairperson (CEOGC)

Olivia Higbee - Chairperson (CEOGC)

Tiera English - Secretary (CEOGC)

Jacqueline Gray - Treasurer (CEOGC)

Tamicka Johnson (CEOGC)

Valerie Reid (CEOGC)

Marsha Edmundson-Appleby (Ministerial Day Care Association)

Karli Kaliszweski (West Side Ecumenical Ministry)


The evening also serves as the Installment Ceremony for the 2012 - 2013 County-Wide Policy Council.  Congratulations to the new parents representatives who will serve on this year's County-Wide Policy Council.

Catherine Andrist (Catholic Charities)

Tiombe Morrow Cheeks - National Representative (Catholic Charities)

Shandria Nichols (Catholic Charities)

Jareed Merrel (Centers for Families and Children)

Misty Mercade (Centers for Families and Children)

Cassandra Rodgers (Community United)

Michael Moore (Community United)

Ronzell Sneade (Community United)

Yahne Chapman - Chairperson (CEOGC)

Antoinette Jefferson (CEOGC)

Tamicka Johnson - Treasurer (CEOGC)

Olivia Higbee - Vice Chairperson (CEOGC)

Sakina Hardnett (CEOGC)

Chaneka Balford (CEOGC)

Jahad Wright (CEOGC)

Eleesha Simmons (CEOGC)

Marsha Edmundson-Appleby (Ministerial Day Care Association)

Likisha Edwards (Ministerial Day Care Association)